Kei Kobayashi

Sponsors- ONeill, Etnies, Lost Surfbords, Banzai Bowls, OAM, Luvsurf, Fu Wax, DSC

Home Break- Lowers

Favorite Banzai Bowls- Shoyo Bowl with half Pitaya

Instagram- @Kei_kobayashi

Snapchat- kei_kobayashi1

Q & A

Favorite Instagram page to look at? @buttsnorkeler

Your best Instagram post and how many likes did it get? A picture of me injured and got about 2,000 likes

If you could change one thing in the world what would that be?One thing would be making sure there’s no cancer in the world

What super hero would you be and why?I would want to be superman so I can fly anywhere in the world to go surf